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1q84Writing a good novel is not easy, nor is it without obstacles or pitfalls. Writing a good novel that’s over a thousand pages and maintaining its goodness (its artistry, its cohesion, etc.) must be an indescribable challenge: obstacles and pitfalls surely increase exponentially with each chapter.

I say that to soften the blow I must deal to Haruki Murakami by saying that I was incredibly disappointed with 1Q84 overall. While I was on pace to finish the novel in 3 weeks (a week per book), I got so bored and (frankly) fed up with Book 3 that I ended up dragging the reading out to twice that length. Obviously Philip Gabriel’s translation of Book 3 (contrary to the hope of my previous post) did nothing to improve the issues I had with Books 1 and 2, which is to say that it was neither he nor Jay Rubin that disappointed me, but Murakami himself — which I am indeed grieved to admit. Read more…


Once in a New, Green, and Slightly Lopsided Moon

This is rare, folks: I’m writing a post within A WEEK of my previous one. You truly don’t see this very often. I hope it feels as much of a privilege on your end of the internet as it does on mine.

1q84Probably the main reason I’m able to write so soon on the heels of my last post is that, in addition to being a quick-paced and easy read, the printing of the novel which I’m reading has conveniently divided Books 1, 2, and 3 of the novel into three physically separate books. Perhaps the relative brevity of 380-some-odd pages increases my motivation because the end seems nearer (though I’m technically only a third of the way through the novel).

In any case, as the left-aligned image indicates, I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 — a novel which is easy to read, but the title of which is impossible to pronounce (I keep going back and forth between “one-cue-eight-four” and “cueteen-eighty-four“). Apparently the title is a translational play on words, because the number 9 in Japanese is pronounced “kew.”

Let me first say that I love Murakami.  Read more…

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one man, one year: one-thousand-page novels

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